News about GB200PLM:  updated 19/8/2019, 09:25

GB200PLM is the callsign dedicated to the Special Event Station commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.

The station is licensed for 18 days, Friday August 9th to Monday 26th.

HF bands used will be mainly 3.5, 7 and 14 MHz - higher if propagation allows. On August 13th EA6 was worked on 28 MHz SSB.

144 MHz FM is also being worked. If anyone needs SSB QSO please e-mail chairman[at]

The Wikipedia link below tells the story of what the Peterloo protest meeting was about and how the result developed into the Massacre.

An interesting book to read is "The Casualties of Peterloo" by Michael Bush, published by Carnegie Publishing.

A list of the fatalities is available at   and   showing name, age, address and causes of death.

Here is an extract from South Manchester Radio Club's website:

GB200PLM is a Special Event Station operated by South Manchester Radio Club, GX2HW, in August 2019.

The Special Event is the bicentenary anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester, which occurred on 16th August 1819.

In 1819 democracy did not exist in Great Britain. Although there was a government in Parliament, the majority of people were not represented there. Only 2% of the British population had a vote in 1819.  People were not happy about that - they paid their taxes, but had no democratic say in the running of the country.  Many protests were happening around the UK and a big one was planned for August 16th in the centre of Manchester.

It was a warm sunny day and the crowd grew to around 60,000. Local government officers and the militia became worried at the number of people who came to voice their discontent with the lack of democracy and representation. Although the protest was a peaceful one, the local goverment ordered the military forces to move in and disrupt the crowd.

Hundreds of cavalry and infantry with sabres and bayonets  charged the crowd to disperse it.  The brutality of the incident caused it be known as the Peterloo Massacre.  18 people were killed and 800 seriously injured. It happened in the area known then as St Peter's Fields, but the name Peterloo became popular because of the battle at Waterloo four years earlier.

There were commemorative services over the weekend on the site of the Massacre to remember the people and families who suffered the tragedy 200 years ago.  Our Special Event Station is operating as part of many activities around Manchester and the North-West of the UK taking place to remember the people involved in the protest who sacrificed so much.


The QSL card from GB200PLM shows images depicting the scene of he protest and the following Massacre.

To find out more about the Special Event being commemorated see   and other websites.