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Hercules Windows Binaries

The current released version of Hercules may be found at http://www.hercules-390.eu/

However the developers are continually adding new features which are not available in a released product. These snapshot builds are provided for the convenience of those who want to experiment with these new features, but who don't have the skills to build their own binaries. I DO NOT provide any support for these binaries. Any problems should be reported as per the notes below.



Daily Experimental Hercules SNAPSHOTS

As from 27th Dec 2013 these snapshots contain "bleeding edge" code hot from the developers Hyperion repository :-


This was cloned from a backup of the developers "Sandhawk" repository which was  at:-


But this was damaged and may no no longer exist. Hyperion was created from a backup copy and renamed to avoid confusion with Rogers "Sandhawk"

. Use at your own risk. 

A partial list of reported issues can be found on GitHub. Go to the above address on GitHub and click on the "Issues" link.

Peer support for these snapshots may be available via the Hercules-390 Yahoo group at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/hercules-390/

You may need the VC++ 2008 Runtimes from Microsoft if they are not already installed for another product.

32-Bit Windows Snapshots

64-Bit Windows Snapshots



Roger Bowlers 3.08.2 Interim Build

An interim build from Rogers These are build from Roger's "Spinhawk" repository which may be found at https://github.com/rbowler/spinhawk.

Among other updates this build includes some new fixes to cure issues with recent Linux Kernels.

Please report any issues via http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/hercules-390

or on the above GitHub site.


32-Bit Windows

64-Bit Windows

Build Log Binaries Build Log Binaries
Hercules-R3.08.2-W32.txt Hercules-R3.08.2-W32.zip Hercules-R3.08.2-W64.txt Hercules-R3.08.2-W64.zip


Older 3.08.1 Interim Build

This is still available in case there are issues with the files above


32-Bit Windows

64-Bit Windows




These pages kindly loaned my South Manchester Radio Club http://www.smrcc.org.uk/



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