VM/370 Downloads

On this page you will find some VM/370 downloads. These are listed with the most recent first:-

Six Pack 1.3

This is intended to be a final stable release of the 1.3 Betas that have been out in the wild for a long time and form a baseline for moving forward onto VM/370 Community Edition. It has changes by many people, see the "readme-1_3.txt" in the release for full details of all the changes. As usual report any issues on the H-390 list at groups.io https://groups.io/g/h390-vm 


Robert O'Hara's Six Pack *** Now with V1.2 ***

This is the latest version of the VM/370R6 Public Domain system. It has a more up-to-date GCC with a choice of run-time libraries and extra Editor modifications to allow editing multiple files. Bob says of V1.2:-

"there are no changes to the binaries from the last release candidate, so if you are running on that no need to download this. What is different is that I tried to make the distribution more "Unix-friendly". To that end all of the filenames
are in lowercase, and the path names in the configuration file all have forward slashes rather than backward slashes. I have also included a Unix shell script to match the Windows batch file (thanks to Blake Mayor)."


Previous versions of the Six Pack are available here:-

Paul Gorlinsky's 5-Pack System

This is the version that I use every day. It has all Andy's fixes plus many enhancements that make it an almost useable system.

Andy Norrie's 4-Pack system

This system is probably the most consistent system available. Andy put a lot of effort into re-working and cross checking the patch's but it lacks many of the enhancements of Paul's system.

Bob Abele's Original 3-Pack System

This is Bob Abele's original distribution. Unlike the systems above which are distributed as "ready to IPL" DASD, this system is distributed as AWS takes that need to be restored to 3330 packs. A couple of extra things to note:-

  1. Due an incompatibility between Hercules (and P/370 & P/390 systems) and DDR if you follow Bobs' original instructions Hercules will loop at the end of each restore. Simply re-wind and re-ipl the DDR tape or add the "(leave" option to the DDR "input" statement cards.
  2. Recent release releases of Hercules default to ESA architecture. An "ARCHMODE S/370" or "ARCHLEVEL S/370" needs to be added  as VM/370 does not understand ESA machines.

You need these files to get a system up and running:-

These are optional:-

You will also need BZIP2 to download. Info here:-


If you don't have a P/370 or P/390 then you will need a Main Frame emulator to run the above on. I usually use Hercules. You can download the latest release from here:-

Note the above is a "released" version. If you need the latest fixes and mods then you may need to build Hercules from the GitHub repository here:-

Whilst this will include many fixes not in the base release, it may also include new and  experimental code.

Other stuff

For those who are desperate to write really big programs then there are slightly modified versions of Hercules & VM produced by Paul Edwards available here:-