Sixpack 1.3 Beta Release

This page contains links to the Six Pack 1.3 Beta releases. 

Beta 3

Uploaded 19-Jun-2018

Several update to RSCS and supporting programs added

Node name in bottom of screen

V310 of Diag 58 and LDF

Upaded C compiler.

WATFIV installed on "Y" disk. See the WATFIVUG LISTING  U2 for usage.

A new front end for Fortran G removing reference to a University system.

Fortran H is now also available as "FortranH"

See readme-1_3.txt for full details

Beta 2

Uploaded 8-Mar-2018

This contains V3.0 of the Diag58 and LDF support, updated WC3270, plus several other minor fixes.


Whilst its not recommended to use this version, as it contains an experimental fix to the Diag58 support, its available in case any one needs