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Well on here you will find an eclectic collection of miscellaneous junk, mostly to do with "Vintage and Classic" computing, whatever that is when its at home!

Mainframe Emulations and VM/370

Much early IBM Mainframe software was distributed without copyright, and can be freely copied. This includes VM/370, an early hypervisor. The last freely distributable version was VM/370R6. Click on the following link for both the original software and several enhanced versions:-

VM/370 Downloads 

Differential Analyzers

In the early 1930's a chap at M.I.T. built a mechanical analogue computer, which could be used to solve a wide range of problems involving "rates of change", this was widely copied initially in the UK and later ... 

Electronic Analogue Computers

(Or Analog Computers for the West Pondians)

After the WW2 the mechanical differential analysers were later replaced by electronic machines. Initially these were valved and later used transistors and integrated circuits. 

Atari ST/TT and Falcon pages

After spending a lot of time messing around with moving data to and from my Ataris via serial and printer ports I finally built an Ethernet interface from a publicly available design


Amateur Computer Club Pages

These pages contain scans of the Amateur Computer Club magazines from the 1970's. New magazines are being added as fast as I can scan them